Printed Paper Pint Cups

Printed Grease Proof Paper
Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper

Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper

We supply custom branded Printed Greaseproof Paper and Printed Food Wrap to food business across the UK. From 2p per sheet.

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Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper

Our Printed Greaseproof Paper

All our branded greaseproof paper is a fully biodegradable and compostable food wrap solution, manufactured locally and suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers.

Our greaseproof paper and food wrap help maintain the flavour, temperature, and aromas of your food without letting it go dry, all whilst improving the appearance of your food. This is particularly important as a background for all those social media pictures.

Custom printed greaseproof paper is all UK manufactured and is incredibly popular in coffee shops, delis, cafes, takeaway, food to go and casual dining sectors.

Sheet Sizes

160mm by 160mm

Ideal for Burgers and Small Trays

Food Cookie Wrap Printed

250mm x 167mm

Ideal for Takeaway Boxes

Printed Takaway Paper Food Wrap

250mm x 335mm

Suitable for Chips, Pizza Boxes and Wraps

Printed Chip Wrap
Pizza Box Food Wrap Printed
Printed Burger Wrap

500mm x 335mm

Ideal for Printed Tray Liners and Menus

Custom Cut to Size

Custom Branded Food Wrap Greaseproof

Each of our sheets can be custom cut to size.

Each sheet has standard dimensions of 335 x 500mm.
If the size of the sheets you require can fit within the 335 x 500mm master sheets, unlimited cuttings are available whatever dimensions you choose.

For example you can halve your cost by ordering cutting your sheet into two 335mm X 250mm sheets

Printed Burger Wrap Red Design
Printed Food Wrap
Printed Tray Liner

About Us

Est in 2013 we specialise in branded food and drink ware for the food industry.

As specialists, we will help you every step of the way in producing the perfect branded food wrap for your catering business. 

Client Testomonials

Custom Designed

Our printed paper pint cups can be personalised with your bespoke design, logo or brand.

Printed Food Wrap


Our Greaseproof paper is printed on sustainably sourced paper. It is fully compostable and biodegradable.

Printed Paper For Food

Your Design or Ours

Our talented team of cup designers are on hand to create an amazing design for you.

Printed Greaseproof Paper

Hi-quality Print

Printed with your own personalised design using the latest printing technology.

Printed Food Paper

Cut to size

Variety of uses. Can be used as tray liners, wraps or plate liners. Sheets can be custom cut to size.

Design Service

Either send us your finished artwork or choose our artwork design service and we will help you create the perfect branded design for your custom printed food wrap / greaseproof paper.

Printed Greaseproof Paper Design Service

Choice of Print and Paper

We offer a choice of 1, 2 and 4 colour print on either White or Brown paper.

Printed Tray Liners

Ideal for menu's, competitions and more. (500mm x 335mm)

Takeaway Box Liner

(250mm x 167mm)

Printed Burger Wrap Red Design

Burgers or Wraps

(250mm x 335mm)

Printed Paper For Food
Printed Greaseproof Paper

Printed Chip Wrap

(160mm x 160mm)

Printed Food Wrap

Custom Cut to Size

Each of our sheets for custom printed greaseproof paper can be custom cut to size for your needs.

Each sheet has standard dimensions of 335 x 500mm, but we offer free unlimited trimming, meaning you can stretch your budget further and get more trimmed custom paper sheets whilst keeping the order of master sheets low - reducing your costs!

If the size of the sheets your require can fit within the 335 x 500mm master sheets, unlimited cuttings are available whatever dimensions you choose.

Printed Greaseproof Cut to Size

Eco-friendly Food Wrap

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All Your Printed Food Packaging in One Place!

We don’t just produce the finest branded greaseproof paper and food wrap, we also produce a wide range of complimentary packaging from Branded Takeaway Coffee Cups to Custom Printed Crockery. 

Contact us for your custom quotation.

Custom Branded Ice-cream Tub
Printed Napkins
Printed Ice Cream Tub
Printed Takeaway Coffee Cup

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